Classical Focus - Spiral

Michael Banks

  • Frame Colour: Black
    Reference *Size Aspect Ratio Price
    RX87588-D175 x 50cm
    30 x 20inch
    RX87588-D290 x 60cm
    36 x 24inch

    The frame is 0.5cm wide.

    *Sizes may have a marginal difference.

  • Frame Colour: Natural Oak View Frames - Frames
    Mount Size: 6cm Mount Colour: Star White
    6cm 9cm
    Reference *Overall Size Aspect Ratio Price
    RX87588-D190 x 65cm
    36 x 26inch
    RX87588-D2105 x 75cm
    42 x 30inch
    Reference *Overall Size Aspect Ratio Price
    RX87588-D195 x 70cm
    38 x 28inch
    RX87588-D2110 x 80cm
    44 x 32inch

    Classic framed pictures with mount (Passe-Partout).

    *Frames are 1.8cm wide. Sizes may have a marginal difference.

  • Frame Colour: Black
    Reference *Overall Size Aspect Ratio Price
    RX87588-D4130 x 80cm
    52 x 32inch

    The frame is 0.5cm wide.

    *Widths assume 5cm between split images. Sizes may have a marginal difference.

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Images in this set

Classical Focus - Pillar
Classical Focus - Pillar - Michael Banks
Classical Focus - Wave
Classical Focus - Wave - Michael Banks
Classical Focus - Parallel
Classical Focus - Parallel - Michael Banks
Classical Focus - Curve
Classical Focus - Curve - Michael Banks
Classical Focus - Meander
Classical Focus - Meander - Michael Banks
Classical Focus - Ripple
Classical Focus - Ripple - Michael Banks
Classical Focus - Spiral
Classical Focus - Spiral - Michael Banks
Classical Focus - Flourish
Classical Focus - Flourish - Michael Banks
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Michael Banks

Michael Banks

British Photo-Artist Michael Banks, dubbed in contemporary art circles as the “Guru of Abstraction”, is widely credited with creating some of the most exciting and unique art in today’s modern art scene. He studied Fine Art and Photography in Florence, Italy, and then returned to London to work as a professional photographer, where he enjoyed a very high-profile and celebrated career, and was able to perfect his craft as an artist. His highly original abstract photo-art has led to artwork projects with Art Consultants, Interior Designers, Architects and Specifiers throughout the world, with his work being frequently exhibited, and his art being specified for prestigious international Hospitality, Corporate and Private interiors. His most recent solo show was at the prestigious Vilacasas Foundation in Barcelona. His client list is a “who’s who” of publically quoted corporations and global hotel chains spanning The USA, Europe, The Middle and Far East, as well as a select group of internationally recognised private collectors. His website is now considered a barometer of innovative contemporary photography, and is a rich, vital, and ever-growing resource of artwork images. "It was when studying Fine Art in Florence, and absorbing the "Chiaroscuro" technique of the Renaissance painters, that I really "Saw the Light". But rather than Painting, I was captivated by Photography, and immediately set out on a very singular, personal journey, to try and push the boundaries of what is artistically possible with a camera. Photography in any case is defined as "Drawing with Light", and I always drew, using a camera, in an Abstract style. Photography historically liberated Painting from the Duty of Representation, and in recent years, new technology, in a myriad of forms, has now liberated Photography from its duty to simply record visible reality. My vision of the world is an Abstract one, and in my images I seek to show the Hidden Beauty that surrounds us, in the forms, shapes, curves, lines, and colours of my abstractions, and to communicate my conviction that the world is full of visual wonders, waiting to be discovered.