Privacy Policy

Your personal data (name, address, contact number and email address) will only be used to execute transactions on our website and will only be held for as long as necessary. You will find more privacy details in our Terms and Conditions.

About Cookies

A ‘cookie’ is a piece of text information that is automatically downloaded from a website when you visit it for the first time. It contains information such as your website account or your web preferences. Each time you connect your computer to the same website, it will send the information contained in the cookie back to the website.

Most websites use two kinds of cookies:

  • The strictly necessary ones which are compulsory for good use of the website.
  • Unnecessary ones which are used to make anonymous statistics (for example Google Analytics).

Cookie Law forces all websites to explicitly ask the customer consent before they collect unnecessary cookies. That way, users can choose whether they want to give personal information to the site.

Our website uses necessary cookies, but not unnecessary cookies.