Lairig Ghru II - Blush

Paul Duncan

  • Frame Colour: Black
    Reference *Size Aspect Ratio Price
    XW72056-B130 x 60cm
    12 x 24inch
    XW72056-B450 x 102cm
    20 x 40inch

    The frame is 0.5cm wide.

    *Sizes may have a marginal difference.

  • Frame Colour: Natural Oak View Frames - Frames
    Mount Size: 6cm Mount Colour: Star White
    6cm 9cm
    Reference *Overall Size Aspect Ratio Price
    XW72056-B145 x 75cm
    18 x 30inch
    XW72056-B465 x 117cm
    26 x 46inch
    Reference *Overall Size Aspect Ratio Price
    XW72056-B150 x 80cm
    20 x 32inch
    XW72056-B470 x 122cm
    28 x 48inch

    Classic framed pictures with mount (Passe-Partout).

    *Frames are 1.8cm wide. Sizes may have a marginal difference.

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Lairig Ghru II - Blush
Lairig Ghru II - Blush - Paul Duncan
Lairig Ghru I - Blush
Lairig Ghru I - Blush - Paul Duncan
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Paul Duncan

Paul Duncan was born in South America. At school, art was always his first passion and he left as early as he could with no thoughts of college but only wishing to experiment with painting in a variety of mediums. Paul is bilingual and his work, today, is influenced by the culture of countries throughout the American Continent and his studio is really his life. His work shows his total immersion and fascination with shapes with colour. Sometimes, it is as simple as a piece of wood and other times he is inspired by the architectural beauty of buildings where the shape is fundamental to life.