Bold Cactus - Grow

Paige Craig

  • Frame Colour: Black
    Reference *Size Aspect Ratio Price
    RX87607-D150 x 75cm
    20 x 30inch
    RX87607-D260 x 90cm
    24 x 36inch

    The frame is 0.5cm wide.

    *Sizes may have a marginal difference.

  • Frame Colour: Natural Oak View Frames - Frames
    Mount Size: 6cm Mount Colour: Star White
    6cm 9cm
    Reference *Overall Size Aspect Ratio Price
    RX87607-D165 x 90cm
    26 x 36inch
    RX87607-D275 x 105cm
    30 x 42inch
    Reference *Overall Size Aspect Ratio Price
    RX87607-D170 x 95cm
    28 x 38inch
    RX87607-D280 x 110cm
    32 x 44inch

    Classic framed pictures with mount (Passe-Partout).

    *Frames are 1.8cm wide. Sizes may have a marginal difference.

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Images in this set

Bold Cactus - Wild
Bold Cactus - Wild - Paige Craig
Bold Cactus - Grow
Bold Cactus - Grow - Paige Craig
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Paige Craig

Paige Craig

Raised with simple beginnings on a horse ranch in Texas, Paige Craig’s creative roots were grounded in the solitude of nature. "Sitting in silence with the stars and a campfire are part of my spiritual practice,” her words juxtaposed with brazen red lips and winged eyeliner. In fact, it is this duality of decadence and humility that gives Paige balance: on any given week, she will be camping in wilderness sleeping in the bed of her truck, then days later in stilettos with champagne in Los Angeles where she currently resides. Paige's inspiration comes from the vastness and innate sensuality of nature. Taking creative liberty in her approach to photography, she describes her own work an interpretive poem rather than a documentation of reality. The majority of her abstract work is created in-camera, without extensive photoshop. Her commercial works have been globally recognized in over 52 countries, including multiple billboards in Time Square. Regardless of her success, the best place to find Paige is in her nomad wagon with her dog Mojo.